Q&A: Monique Laaper

Office Manager Monique Laaper recently became a member of the fast-growing LMPR team. Monique began her career in sciences and quickly switched over to theatre, citing passion as her influence. Monique’s love for the arts has flourished over the years, but another one of her passions, organizational processes, has been the driver of her career. Monique looks forward to bringing her wealth of business intelligence knowledge to LMPR.

Tell us about yourself & your?passion for the arts.

I graduated from York University with a BA in Theatre. My university experience taught me to appreciate diversity in expression and the flexibility required to communicate that vision to the world.

Where is the best place you have?travelled & why?

The Camino in Northern Spain because it is such a striking combination of spectacular scenery and rich cultural heritage.


What was the first show you remember?seeing as a child?

My mother took me to see Karen Kain dance as Coppélia.

If you could grab a coffee with one?artist – living or dead – who would it be and?why??

Robert Desrosiers because I would love to discuss how he developed his dance theatre company,?Desrosiers Dance Theatre.

What are you most looking forward to?in your new role at LMPR?

The pleasure of coming into work with a group of people so passionate about the arts!


Morning person or night owl??Morning person

?Drink of?choice? Chablis

Truth or?dare? Truth

Favourite?book? Bel Canto

Best Movie? Always

Power of?Flight or Invisibility? Flight


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